Work with us

Righetti Ridolfi group, founded in 1969, owns the following brands:
Righetti Ridolfi Racing Kart Components manufacturing kart's components
Gold kart, Mac Minarelli and AllKart manufacturing high selection race karts
Extreme Kart producing cheap go-karts
Rental Kart specialized in rental karts
Aviomac making engines for radio-controlled maxi plane models and UAV

We need everyday new skills to meet the present challenges and ensure the future development.

Within the foreign development we are looking for:
international business agent
excellent knowledge of English language, appreciated other languages (french, german, spanish)
experience in the kart sector, also available to travel abroad for short time.
The figure will operate with the business management, dealing with foreign customers.

Please send your CV or contact us at:

Fax. ++39-045-6095572
Tel.  ++39-045-6095552
Posta ordinaria: Righetti Ridolfi Spa.  Via San Quirico, 9 - 37060 Sona (VR)